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Turning The Hearts of Fathers to Children

originally written 4/2011


David who had the zeal of God for this generation had a revelation of the Bridegroom God.

THE HEAVENS declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork. (Psalm 19:1)

Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge. (Psalm 19:2)

Of the heavens has God made a tent for the sun, (Psalm 19:4)

Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber; and it rejoices as a strong man to run his course. (Psalm 19:5)

It’s going forth is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the ends of it; and nothing [yes, no one] is hidden from the heat of it. (Psalm 19:6)

Paul had the same revelation and described the zeal the Bridegroom and the Father had for the bride. In fact Paul thought of himself much like a Father and longed to present the bride as a chaste spotless bride.

For I am zealous for you with a godly eagerness and a divine jealousy, for I have betrothed you to one Husband, to present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:2)

All throughout the bible we can hear the Bridegroom’s voice drawing the bride to His side longing to be one with her, longing for the consummation of a wedding.

Therefore, behold, I will allure her [Israel] and bring her into the wilderness, and I will speak tenderly and to her heart.(Hosea 2:14)

The Father’s love for the bride of His Son is strong and it can be like the fire that burns to refine gold and silver. This fire has many levels to it. The more pure the gold becomes the hotter the fire burns to remove any and all impurities.

The prophets prophesied in Jeremiah, Amos, and Malachi as instruments of this fire, like assayers they revealed God’s jealous love and purified the bride if she listened and obeyed their instructions.  One of the reasons we pray for Israel the way we do is because many still today reject God’s love. Mostly because they want to love God their way but real love is to love on God’s terms.

The Shulamite knew the right way to respond after many tests and trials. She finally came to the realization that the Bridegroom didn’t want to hurt her, rule over her or control her rather His strong love was “for her”.

Until the day break and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of frankincense (Song of Songs 4:6)

When we see His love for us we can know that anything He asks of us to go through His love will carry us and it will be worth it!

God’s plan throughout the ages was for a promised seed to carry His Glory, to display it on the earth in absolute partnership with Him, the two becoming one.

The first generation fell into deep and gross darkness and God had no option but to destroy the entire generation of evil men while delivering the righteous. He will come again and remove the wickedness, this is our promise found in the book of Revelations.

God took His remnant and started afresh and anew. He made covenant with Noah promising never again to wipe out the entire face of the earth with a flood. (Genesis 9)

God always deals in generations. He let an entire generation die off before He visited with a new covenant. He called Abraham to leave Ur and go to a land He would show him. Often when God wants to bless us He will give instructions that test our commitment.  He will tell us what the blessing is but will not release it until we respond with complete obedience. The response to these instructions let Him know if we are ready for the blessing.

Abraham obeyed and God pronounced over him the blessing of making him a great nation.

And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]. (Genesis 12:2)

And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves]. (Genesis 12:3)

On his way (of obedience into the Promised Land) the Lord spoke again and began to impart vision into his heart with a promise.

Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, I will give this land to your posterity. So Abram built an altar there to the Lord, Who had appeared to him. (Genesis 12:7)

God was revealing to him at that time that the promise would be in his posterity (children).

God continued to test Abraham because He had great blessing in store for not only Abraham but a nation.  A famine comes into the land and tests the provision and Abraham’s faith in God’s promise of provision (Genesis 12:2-3)

Abraham’s response tells us what obstacles were in the way of his receiving the greater blessing. Abraham heads for relief from the hard times. He wants to relieve the pressure of having to rely on his faith in God’s promise and perhaps even do without some of the things he had become accustomed.

Abraham made a choice of his pleasure over God’s instructions and provision from His promise and went to Egypt. In doing so he opened up his life to the enemy. He left not only God’s provision but God’s protection and when the enemy showed up he schemed a plan that almost cost him his family.

Looking for a way out Abraham lied. This opened his life to the enemy.

And Pharaoh called Abram and said, What is this that you have done to me? Why did you not tell me that she was your wife? (Genesis 12:18)

Why did you say, She is my sister, so that I took her to be my wife? Now then, here is your wife; take her and get away [from here]! (Genesis 12:19)

We don’t really see where Abraham ever repented of this sin leaving him open for another attack of the enemy.  From here Abraham separates from his brother Lot and their family.  There was strife between the families and it could have been because Abraham didn’t repent for his sin. Anytime we don’t repent of sin it affects not only our lives but our families.

Lot chose to go to Sodom; his eyes saw the lush land and something took hold of his heart. He didn’t pray or ask God about where to go, he was led by his eyes and ultimately the lust of his flesh.

God visits Abraham again and tells him of the promise of provision in the land. God’s mercy and unconditional covenant was still in effect.

The covenant was for more than just Abraham’s provision God had a nation in His heart and a generation.

This promise refocused Abraham because his next test involved a dangerous mission. His brother, Lot was attacked and Abraham rescued Lot and recovered his goods. On his way home an evil king tempted him with blessing and Abraham refused. He remembered God’s covenant and realized from his last mistake he didn’t need to look to evil men for his provision, He could trust God and God alone.

This time the Lord visits with vision and a word.

AFTER THESE things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great. (Genesis 15:1)

Abraham questions this promise because he was childless. He looked at his natural state and said God this can’t be true.  The goodness of the Lord continues to show Abraham the promise and eventually he agrees and believes.

God was pleased with Abraham’s response and counted it unto him as righteousness.

God speaks again of the promise. (Genesis 15:13-15) Every time we obey the Lord He releases more of His heart to us. It is a process and each step of obedience, each yes releases more His heart into ours. The more we hear of His heart the more we can have confidence in Him.


In the natural the promise seemed impossible because Abraham and his wife were barren (much like the church today with 94% of this generation un-churched and without Fathers).

God was intent that Abraham would believe Him so he sent three angels to confirm the promise of a seed, a nation and a generation. This visitation revealed the heart of both Abraham and Sarah.

It was a test and it was revealing, letting God know where their weaknesses were to receive the promised blessing.

Sarah had little faith and even though she heard the angels and the promise of God from her husband, she did not believe.

Maybe her desire to please her husband over rode her desire to please God. Perhaps there was taunting and pressure from her family and servants, questioning God’s promise and reminding her of the natural improbability of having a son. She probably gave into the pressure and made a decision out of her soul or reasoning that didn’t include God’s wisdom or reflection on who HE was and that nothing is impossible with God.

All these choices can hinder us from receiving from God and activating our faith in His promises.

Though Hagar was out of covenant still yet God had a promise for her seed (because the Abrahamic Covenant was unconditional) and I by faith claim every child of every unsaved family out of covenant with God – it is possible for them to come to Christ, I am a living example!

Sarah took her doubt a step further when she invited her husband to join her in circumventing God, much like Eve did with Adam.  Abraham agreed with Sarah’s reasoning instead of God’s promise and once again made a wrong decision that brought forth this time a seed. Their decision led to compromise.

Abraham broke not only his marriage vow but he broke the covenant with God. And he did it more than once. Anytime we sin and sin again something is conceived in our heart and we become separated from His provision and protection. He was no longer in right standing with God. Anytime we break a covenant /vow we have taken before God we break fellowship with God.

This didn’t however disannul or cause God’s unconditional covenant for a seed, a generation. You can’t stop God’s plan only circumvent your participation in it.

God so intent on their partnership in the plan sends angels to speak into their heart the vision of God’s heart. (Genesis 17)

The angelic messengers, once they completed their assignment to anchor Abraham and Sarah’s heart by reiterating the vision and promise from God, turned their attention to next assignment.

God had heard the cry of the afflicted in Sodom. God was grieved by what He heard come out of Sodom. He wanted to send His angels to check it out.

And the Lord said, Because the shriek [of the sins] of Sodom and Gomorrah is great and their sin is exceedingly grievous, Genesis 18:20

What was the cry of Sodom that God heard? I believe it was the cry of generation who was being sacrificed to the god of this age! Trafficked, molested, abused and sodomized by the wicked and God heard their cry – his promised and his beloved sacrificed on altars by Lot, who should know better, and the lost who had a conscience but it was seared in their depravity.

Because Lot was consumed with himself, caught up in self-worship instead of worshiping God, he willingly gave not only himself but he had sacrificed the promised seed, his children, to the gods of this age.

Lot left the Promised Land, God’s provision and promise after the lust of his eyes landed on what he saw as instant gratification. Why wait for God’s promise when the hopes of success and prosperity were right before him.

Look now, I have two daughters who are virgins; let me, I beg of you, bring them out to you, and you can do as you please with them. But only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof. (Genesis 19:8)

The fact that Lot willingly gave his children to be sodomized by the wicked is a screaming example of what today we have delivered our own children into. Oh we may have dressed it up with fancy stadiums and comfortable theatres but it is the same spirit and it is the same gods behind them.

When the angels went to leave Abraham’s presence He inquired of the Lord. The Lord revealed His plan to destroy Sodom. And Abraham began to pray.

We must take note that during intercession Abraham did not want God to destroy Sodom. He was praying for the rescue of the people but he was not in agreement with the judgment against Sodom.

We need to be in agreement with all God’s plans, the blessing and the judgments.  The dialogue revealed Abraham’s heart. He was wanting to hang onto something God wanted to remove. God knew the poison that was in Sodom. God wanted to remove the entire city

For some reason we always want to keep the evil and call it Christian. Like Hollywood, we want to just save them all and leave them in there when the plan of God may be to destroy it. He doesn’t put His seal on what is evil. He destroys it, removes it so there is no chance of the seed of it to continue to grow.

That which perverts and opposes God must be removed and to the measure it effects is to the measure of the removal. Sodom had nothing good for Lot and his family. God’s plan was a mass exodus – take the righteous seed TOTALLY OUT of it and destroy it from having any further effect. Perhaps the grace of God knew that Lot would not be tempted again and rather than loose Lot His plan was to eradicate from ever becoming a temptation again.

Yet Abraham asked God not to destroy the city, why? Was he getting some benefit from it, I imagine so. We must weight that cost, is it worth the cost of a righteous seed, a generation?

We are faced with the same situation today. There are things in our lives that are poison.  They effect not only us but a generation.

God is just as zealous today as He was in Abraham’s day. He has promises for a generation He wants to bring to pass. At the same time there are Sodom’s, places that will draw us away from that promise by the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Promising all the fame and fortune quickly. Why wait for God’s promise and go through God’s process that seems so difficult when you can enter into Sodom and find a quick release of the pressure, a quick promise of provision or even a dream fulfilled.

This is what Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the sports industry is selling to a generation. Enticing them with lust and fleshly glimpses of a fantasy life they slowly get us to buy into the possibility that we can have all that our hearts desire.

The deception is disastrous and somewhere we became dull to the evil of it. There is a false worship movement in the earth and it has its own evangelistic system. The lure is to lead a generation into self-worship and self-exaltation and eventually worship of the anti-christ.

We are actually participating in that false worship movement when we spend our time and money on sports and entertainment. I know we think we aren’t worshiping them but to support them is to agree with them.  We dull our hearts and minds with a message that is diametrically opposed to God’s message. It may seem harmless but it is depositing seeds and it is releasing an agreement that eventually will leave more than a seed, it will germinate.

Even worse than what may be entering into our hearts is the finances we are pouring into these destructive industries. The multiplied millions of dollars that God has blessed us with is being poured into a system that is out to destroy our kids and a generation.

Just like Lot, we are giving our children and this generation to the altars that build Sodom and Gomorrah. We are spending what was perhaps meant to raise up a righteous seed into the very enemy that is longing to lead them to worship something other than God.

Not only is it our finances but the time we take to “enjoy” these games, movies, and entertainment were meant for us to spend with our children. . God would rather we gather together with family and spend time with Him. If you don’t have children can I tell you there are multiplied thousands looking for some love. The foster care system is full of children that have been sacrificed on these altars.

All you have to do is look at the fruit of these industries. The so called “stars” are full of lust and adultery. They amass wealth to spend it on drugs and a lifestyle of debauchery and we are financing it. Every time we buy a ticket or a product advertised during the game, gather with our parties of beer and food to sit in front of a big screen TV and worship a lifestyle of sin.

We actually build altars with finances, time and our cheering worship. It is so diametrically opposed to the kingdom of God.

God wants to be the only one worshiped and He wants to rebuild the altars in our homes and our nation. He wants to be the one worshiped at those altars and He wants to lead a generation to worship Him.

May He shine the light into the all the inner parts of our hearts so that we may be found blameless and holy and can stand before Him free from sin! Let nothing of this world and sin have anything in us!

I feel the Fear of the Lord coming to homes all across the body of Christ. God is going to hold parents accountable for how they have raised their children. When you look at the sexual immorality that is flooding the church and 94% of this generation is un-churched or unsaved, you may ask the why! The state of this world is because of the state of our church and our homes. He must come first to the house of God and clean and purge us so we can be used to help cleanse the earth.

How many parents take their babies to a “dedication” service. They dedicate their babies to the Lord, they make vows to Him and they have not honored the covenant.  They have made covenants with God as a son or daughter and ultimately not honored them.

Why should I and how can I pass over this and forgive you for it? Your children have forsaken Me and sworn by those that are no gods. When I had fed them to the full and bound them to Me by oath, they committed [spiritual] adultery, assembling themselves in troops at the houses of [idol] harlots. Jeremiah 5:7

When you come to the Lord and ask Him for help or direction in your life, you may find Him silent. If so you may want to look at your vows to Him regarding your children. Let us take stock and examine ourselves before the Lord, have we been faithful to raise up our children (this generation if you are without children) in the admonition of the Lord?

Please tell me when was the last time you sat down and had bible study with your family? Are we starting the day with them in prayer? Are we teaching them how to hear from God, listen to the Holy Spirit? Understand the word of God? Get into the counsels of the Lord, meditate in His word day and night?

The answer is probably not because we are driving them to this game and that practice. You know what I think, athletics are the most deceptive trap of the enemy right alongside Hollywood. There is absolutely NO distinction between the two. OH I am sure I am touching some idols and gods in the hearts of men and women with that statement but I am so full of the zeal of God on this issue. I believe the entire sports industry, the multibillion dollar industry is a god unto itself and a deceptive trap to allure youth into a fantasy of fame and fortune and lure millions of men away from the fascination of God and dry up finances that should be poured into this generation.

Just think how many poor and widowed could be helped with all the money spent on tickets and stadiums and maintenance to keep up the stadiums and salaries for ball players and coaches and marketing and commercials and television syndication. Need I go on? You could help nations with that money and lead a generation to know God. Honestly I pray the conviction of God falls on every Christian who sits themselves in front of tv to watch a game when they could be spending time with their family.


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